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Information Regarding Social Media/Public Relations

The GKFC Social Media Unit keeps the residents of Bridgewater informed through various channels and media. We also provide transparency into the department that protects our community, with a means of watching, and reading the stories of the dedicated and hardworking firefighters that are apart of the GKFC. This section delineates some of the GKFC's communication outlets, with an in-depth look at the department's dealings with media, as well as the publications and videos.


Social media has become an important part of how we all communicate. The Green Knoll Fire Company has been a leader in the field of social media as one of the many Departments in the Township to interact on social media. The GKFC alerts the public and media about incidents while also posting safety messages year-round.


The public now expects their fire departments to not just post on social media, but creatively interact with them.  In 2017, the Department launched social media accounts for Instagram, as well as Twitter. The Department will finalize a new social media policy that allows for a more creative approach to communication at the station level and beyond. This will enable us to provide you even more engagement and updates of the GKFC in action. 


Social media has become a regular part of our operation and it will continue to grow.  Green Knoll Fire Company is incorporating it into their everyday operations while continuing to push out safety messages that reach a Township wide audience and many people Countywide.


We would like to thank you all for being a part of the Green Knoll Fire Company Social Media groups!


Please keep the following guidelines in mind when posting comments:


  1. We do not allow graphic, obscene or explicit comments or submissions nor do we allow comments that are abusive, threatening, hateful or intended to define anyone or any organization or comments that suggest or encourage illegal activity.

  2. Content that promotes, fosters or perpetuates discrimination on the basis of race, creed, color, age, religion, gender identity or sexual orientation will not be tolerated.

  3. Content posted by persons whose profile picture or avatar, username or e-mail address contains any of the aforementioned prohibited conduct will not be tolerated.

  4. Content should be related to the subject matter of the social media site where it is posted

  5. We do not allow solicitations or advertisements. This includes promotion or endorsement of any financial, commercial or nongovernmental agency. Similarly, we do not allow attempts to defame or defraud any person or financial, commercial or governmental agency.

  6. We do not allow information intended to compromise the safety or security of the public or public systems.

  7. You participate at your own risk, taking personal responsibility for your comments, your username and any information provided.

  8.  All comments are subject to public records law.


      The appearance of external links on this site does not constitute official endorsement on behalf of the Green Knoll Fire Department .

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